Adroit School Management System aims to simplify operations of schools at the same time perform book keeping and accounting tasks. Built using latest technology, the product automates tasks such as Registration of students, Admission, Timetable Generation, Student Billing, Grading and Report Generation. It is also designed to automatically send E-mail and SMS to Parents and Guardians. 



Student Registration

Student details are fed into the system and stored in a well-structured database. Hostel registration and allocation are done at the same module. Biometric registration is also available as an add-on feature and can be integrated upon request.

Grading and terminal reporting

The system grades students and generates terminal reports. All that is required is for the teacher to input the necessary exam scores. The terminal report produced by the software follows the standard reporting system used by most Ghanaian schools. The report displays student grades, remarks by class teacher, House Master and Head of School student appraisal.

Generation of student subject list for teachers

Adroit School Management System generates student list for every subject. Teachers can from the system know the number of students reading their subjects.

Generation of Class Time Table

The system can generate time tables for all classes. It allocates subjects to available teaching periods.  

Continuous assessment and performance chart

Adroit School Software automates student continuous assessment. A performance chart provides a graphical representation of the academic performance of students.

E-mail and SMS to Parents and Guardians

The system is programmed to send emails and SMS to parents and guardians. Terminal Reports and other vital information such as student fees arrears can be emailed to parents and guardians.

Document Archiving

All issued documents are archived. They are saved in the database and can be retrieved at anytime. They are numbered for easy tracking.


At the click of a button, bills can be generated for students studying different programmes with varying subjects.


The Accounting module records all financial transactions and generates necessary financial reports. This module is powered by Total Accounting - our robust Accounting solution. 



The Adroit School Management System can be used by;

  • Crèches and Pre-schools
  • Nursery Schools
  • Primary and Junior High Schools
  • Senior High Schools
  • Remedial Schools
  • Training Colleges




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School Enterprise System

A Complete Management Information System for Schools up to the Senior High School Level. You can also customize your own curricula when you are running special programs. Free Trial is available.